University Pharmacy 

University Pharmacy is owned by the University of Helsinki. In addition to the main pharmacy located in Helsinki, University Pharmacy has 16 branch pharmacies throughout Finland. In 2011, an online pharmacy was opened, with a product range including more than 4,000 over-the-counter medications and other pharmacy products.

As the most significant employer of pharmaceutical personnel in Finland, University Pharmacy supports both research and education through its operations. In addition, University Pharmacy functions as a teaching pharmacy, offering trainee programs for 80–100 pharmaceutical students annually.

2014 in brief

Turnover and profit

University Pharmacy’s turnover in Finland totalled 260,6 million euros. The pharmacy fee levied on medicine sales amounted to 26,2 million euros. University Pharmacy’s net profit in 2014 totalled 13,8 million euros, the entire amount of which was submitted to the University of Helsinki.


In Finland, University Pharmacy employs 1001 people, of whom 58 % are pharmaceutical staff. Activities organised in line with the Pharmacy’s Human Resources Strategy support business operations through professional development, skilful management and the promotion of wellbeing at work.